Affordable whirlybirds for every domestic and commercial roof in Darwin

If you’re looking for affordable ways to keep your home or business cool throughout the year, talk to our Roof Power team about the range of whirlybirds we have available. 

Whirlybirds have become a standard for many Australian homes since their inception in the early 1900’s. Utilising the wind and temperature changes in your roof cavity, they suction out hot air from your home, providing a cheap, environmentally friendly cooling option.

Along with being a great option for keeping your home cool, whirlybirds also require very little maintenance and can often be installed without a professional. Of course, to ensure you don’t damage your roof, we always recommend you consult an experienced roofer first.

Unfortunately, while whirlybirds are a cheap option, they rely heavily on wind and temperature changes in your roof to work. If you live in an area where there is little to no wind, then you might need to consider a slightly more costly solar or mechanical option.  

While these models cost more upfront, they provide superior cooling, and 1 mechanical whirlybird can often replace up to 15 or 20 standard ones. This makes them a worthwhile investment for any home or commercial building.

For a cheap, environmentally friendly cooling alternative in your Darwin home, contact Roof Power today. 

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